If you have made the investment in a sex doll, the first thing you should do is learn how to clean and maintain it. This is a crucial aspect in owning a sex doll as well as preserving the longevity and durability of your sex doll. Here is some helpful information that will help you take care of your sex doll and ensure that the quality and longevity is long-lasting.


One of the most important things that you can do for your sex doll is to clean it thoroughly after each use. Even if you don’t find yourself using your sex doll that often, you should clean it with the proper methods every 2-4 weeks to ensure the material stays durable.

To get the best results when cleaning your sex doll, you should use antibacterial soap and warm water. The proper method for cleaning a sex doll is to massage the surface of the doll with the soap, warm water, and antibacterial soap. To do this, use a clean sponge and be firm but gentle. You might also elect to clean your doll in the bath or shower, which will be equally as effective.

One situation to avoid when cleaning your sex doll is allowing the neck and head area of the doll to become too wet. A wet environment that is not properly cleaned on your doll can easily cause rust on the doll. If the head and neck do becom wet during your washing, be sure to quickly dry and clean that area. Avoid using soaps that would be considered abrasives and other non-specialized cleaning product.


After you have cleaned your sex doll, the next step is to dry your sex doll. Drying your sex doll completely after the cleaning is crucially important to prevent any potential damage of your doll. To clean your sex doll, be sure to pat it dry gently with a soft cloth. After the pat dry, you can allow your doll to air dry before you put it away. Avoid using materials and tools such as hard sponges, brushes, or wire wool to clean your sex doll. These are known to easily cause damage.

Always use a patting motion when you are cleaning your doll. Avoid “rubbing” the doll with a towel, as this is bad for the surface of your down. Once you are able to dry the doll, it is recommended to apply talcum powder to the body of the doll. It is important to note that you should not apply the talcum powder while the doll is still wet. Talcum powder helps to preserve the skin of the doll and ensure that the doll lasts longer. It is recommended to use talcum powder on your doll every two weeks.

It is not recommended to apply any other type of chemical or substance to your doll, including those that contain a fragrance.


There are certain areas of your doll that are going to require special attention when cleaning your doll. This includes the vaginal, oral, and anal areas of the doll. These areas are required to be cleaned after every use. Failure to clean these areas after every use can lead to the growth of bacteria and infections. To clean these areas, flush the area with warm water and an anti-bacterial soap. Do this until the area is thoroughly clean and then rinse the area until you verify that all of the soap is gone. Dry using the previously mentioned methods of drying your doll. Once the area is dry, it is recommended that you dust the area with a renewal powder both inside and out.

Another area that you will have to place some care and attention on when cleaning your sex doll is the face. To clean the face of your doll, first remove the head from the body and then the wig from the head. To start the cleaning process, use warm antibacterial water that has soap in it and submerge a sponge or cloth in the mixture. To clean, massage the face of the doll gently to avoid damaging the skin. Be very cautious around the eyes and eyelashes of the doll, because they are easily damaged by moisture. To dry the face, gently pat it down with a soft cloth and allow the entire doll to air dry before reassembling it.


  • DO NOT submerge the dolls head in water
  • DO NOT use soaps that are considered abrasive
  • DO NOT use harsh, hard, or sharp cleaning objects
  • DO NOT press down on the skin too hard
  • DO NOT use a hairdryer to dry your doll


The wig of your doll is also an area where you need to exercise care and maintenance to improve the look and increase the durability of your doll. The wig of your doll should always be removed from the head of your doll before you start to clean the doll. The wig can be washed using everyday shampoo and conditioner products. After you clean the wig, it is recommended that you comb the hair before leaving it to air dry. It is not recommended that you use any type or product to style the hair.


To clean the skin of your doll, there is a specific procedure that should be followed. The skin of the doll is very delicate and requires very careful cleaning to be done correctly. First, use a soft-bristle brush to apply baby powder directly on the skin. You should only do this if the skin is dry.

Also ensure that you have some high-quality fabrics on-hand that you can use to clean. Low-quality cloth can damage the skin or transfer color to the skin. Neither of these situations are ideal. Wash the cloth before using it for good measure.

It is a good idea to keep the skin away from things like magazines, leather, newspaper, and other things that might transfer color or damage the skin. Don’t keep your doll in a stressed position for an extended period of time when not in use. This can tear the skin over time and reduce the durability of the skin easily. Be sure to return your doll to a neutral, stress-free position after each use for best storage results. In addition, you should not expose the skin of your doll to direct sunlight.


Within your doll is a skeleton that gives the doll shape and allows it to have movable joints. You should understand which joints move easily on the doll and what the limitations are when it comes to range of motion beforehand to reduce the chance of forcing your doll in a direction that it is not supposed to move. This can break the doll. Avoid hitting the doll on hard surfaces or exposing it to sharp objects for the best results.


There are many ways to effectively store a doll. Many people use storage boxes, cupboard hanging, shipping box storage, or storage bags. Each of these options will serve you well. Be sure to avoid storaging you doll in a location where they can become damaged.


In the normal course of usage with your doll, it may become necessary to replace the fingernails. If you do come across this situation, lay your doll down and examine which areas need replaced nails. Gather the fallen nail and apply glue to both the fingernail and the fingernail area. Make sure to clean the area first and remove andy dust, dirt, and debris that might interfere with the quality of the glue. Once you have applied the glue, hold the nail in place for at least 5 seconds.


If you need to replace an eye on your doll, lay your doll down before you and gently pull the two halves of the eyelids apart to open the eye. Remove the eye from its packing and insert the eye into the empty socket. Release the two eyelids to secure.


To perform maintenance on the eyelashes of your doll, lay your doll down and use an item such as a toothpick to push eyelashes back into place or apply glue to the eyelashes as needed. Hold glued areas in place for 5 seconds to allow the eyelashes to secure.