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11 Oct 2023

A work of art and beauty! World-class quality.

Ordered and received her recently and the quality is amazing. Kudos to FireDoll for making one of the best products out there on the market.

10 Apr 2021

ok but strong smell and leaches oil

cute doll, love the gel boobies, 1st standing doll. nice feature.

Got the gel boobs, standing feet and a 2nd head as part of a promotion

Fire-Doll Support 13 Apr 2021

Dear Bill,
thank you very much for your feedback!
If the smell seems very strong, you should simply air the doll overnight, the smell goes away quickly. After cleaning, just also put powder on the doll, this makes it supple and alleviates the oil leaking, which is completely normal.

Best regards - Your DollsClub Support Team

19 Mar 2020

Fantastically beautiful!

Many thanks for the fast production and delivery of my Anissa. The doll absolutely convinces me, I am very happy to have found you!

Fire-Doll Support 20 Mar 2020

Dear Noel,
Thank you very much for your great review on DollsClub!

Anissa IN STOCK in 5ft1 / 157cm

14 Feb 2020

that was fast...

After ordering it took only 3 days until Anissa was with me, thank you very much !!
Beautiful doll, I am in love. The stock is perfect, because at the moment there are waiting periods of more than 5 weeks because of the Corona Virus... Thanks Fire-Doll!

9 Feb 2020

Price/performance simply outstanding!

I also came across Fire Doll through some reports in forums. The delivery time was only 2 weeks, the doll convinced me all along the line! Quality, workmanship, skeleton, smell...everything is right here! Thank you for the fast processing, I am curious which models will follow. Tom

4 Feb 2020

really nice doll!

Convince me anything. The doll is super beautifully processed, the TPE smells neutral and makes a good impression. You set the bar very high, I'm curious what other models will come.

25 Jan 2020

Not to be compared with any other brand!

I already own some models and brands, such as WM-Doll, SM-Doll and JY-Doll.

My much cheaper Fire-Doll however puts everyone in the shade. The quality, processing and appearance is simply wonderful! I came across the brand in the Doll Forum and just had to try it and what can I say, you convinced me! Many thanks to the nice team and the support.

+ skin feeling, great TPE !!!
+ skeleton, the mobility is much better than at WM
+ Neutral odour
+ accessories, very extensive incl. free extras
+ head is particularly beautifully processed, ultra real look (I am a photographer)
+ stand caps, a mega good gadget!

Fire-Doll Support 3 Feb 2020

Dear Ulli,
Thank you for your comprehensive feedback and evaluation!
Nice that you can compare our models with others and that our Fire Doll turns out so well.
Best regards - Your Fire Doll Team

22 Jan 2020


With me you have also won a new fan! The quality is outstanding, the face is super sexy! You can already see it very well in the video showroom. Many thanks to the whole team, a super advice and a great product. Thumbs up for Fire Doll!

Fire-Doll Support 3 Feb 2020

Hello, Matthew,
We would also like to thank you for your feedback!
Your Fire-Doll Team

Daniela IN STOCK in 156cm ( 5ft1 )

21 Jan 2020

Better than my WM Doll!

Full marks!
The quality, the skeleton, the workmanship is better than my WM Doll, which cost almost twice as much. In addition a delivery time of 5 days to me in Madrid, simply perfect!
Thanks a lot and see you soon - George

Fire-Doll Support 3 Feb 2020

Dear George,
where, nice to hear, how well our Fire Doll is doing. In fact, many of our customers are overwhelmed by how good the quality is! Thank you for your evaluation and still best regards - your Fire Doll Team

Bonny IN STOCK in 163cm ( 5ft4 )

17 Jan 2020

Damn good price / performance!

The quality of Bonny is excessively good! I am thrilled and will write a nice report about this Fire Doll! Thanks a lot for the fast shipping!

Fire-Doll Support 21 Jan 2020

Dear Malte,
Thanks a lot for your review on Fire-Doll!
Nice that you like Bonny so much!
Your Fire-Doll Team

15 Jan 2020

Better than expected!

Would not have thought how beautiful this doll is in real life! I just got involved in something new and decided for this Fire-Doll. Ryda looks so incredibly sexy and the quality is just amazing! Thanks a lot to the team, I am happy to have found you!

Fire-Doll Support 15 Jan 2020

Dear Adam,
better as expected sounds great :-)
Thank you very much for your rating - best regards, your Fire-Doll Team

Anissa IN STOCK in 5ft1 / 157cm

14 Jan 2020

Great new brand!

I read a great report about Fire-Doll in the TFD and became aware of the new brand. I am very enthusiastic, the quality of the doll beats any of my other dolls. Thanks a lot, the shipping was also very fast!

Fire-Doll Support 15 Jan 2020

Hello, Richard,
nice that you like our Fire-Doll so much! We will soon add many more dolls to our assortment, check back from time to time :)
Best regards - Your Fire-Doll Team